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Information concerning appointment scheduling and other changes at the practice (since 03/16/2020):  


Due to the current coronavirus epidemic, online appointment booking will be temporarily suspended . I continue to provide the usual follow-up consultations, but I have to rethink the organization of the practice. The main changes are as follows:


- Appointments will be given by phone , SMS or e-mail . Do not hesitate to leave me a message with your contact details and I will call you back as soon as possible.

- I try to avoid as much as possible that a child who is not sick comes across a sick child in my waiting room. For this reason, it is sometimes difficult for me to scheduls last minute emergencies. Thank you for your understanding .

- I ask that sick child with suspicious symptoms of covid (cough, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhea, etc.) do not access the usual waiting room. A specific waiting area has been set up in the entrance to the practice. Please make sure this measure is respected by your child in ordre to maintain the exceptional hygiene measures imposed by the current epidemic.

Other remarks :

- I will continue to do my best to always remain available for my patients, but please be understanding if I can not accommodate you at the best time for you.

- I am forced to greatly reduce the number of toys within reach of children. Thank you for coming equipped with soft toys or others to make your child wait.

- Doctors are asked to limit the number of people in the consultation room. Consultations only take place with a single accompanying parent (save for special circumstances and with my consent). Wearing a mask is compusory for children 12 years or older, as well as adults.

Coronavius pandemic: latest informations and recommendations 

As the coronavirus epidemic progresses, the official recommendations evolve. May I kindly ask that you carefully read the following information. I will update this page regularly. You may also find answers to many questions on Appointements for a coronavirus test can be take at

- Please note that the current data suggest the coronavirus presents low risks for infected infants and children. No panic!

- If you have reasons to suspect your child to be infected by the coronavius (fever, cough, runny nose) OR is she/he has been in close contact with a confirmed case: please phone me before scheduling an appointment.   

It is necessary for practitioners to organise their consultations in order to avoid a potentially infected patient sharing the waiting room with others. I will therefore schedule your child's appointment according to the day's planning. Thank you for your collaboration. 

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