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I studied at the Medical School of Geneva University, from where I graduated in 2007. I was a resident in pediatrics and neonatology in several Swiss hospitals, with an extra training at the Development Unit at the CHUV in Lausanne.

I arrived in Belgium for my final residency year at the St Pierre hospital in Brussels. This year grew to 18 months. I recieved my swiss and belgian certifications as pediatrician in 2015. I extended my hospital career for another few years as a senior pediatricians in the Hornu and Beaudour hospitals.

I am therefor trained as a Swiss as well as a Belgian doctor. I strive to practice a medicine

which remains in line with international recommendations and current state of research.

After these many years in hospitals, I very gladly decided to open my own private practice.

My hope, and goal, is to create here a cosy place for my little patients, their parents and me.

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