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My office is closed 20/12 to 02/01.

During my absence here are the different options of consultations for your child:

In case of a life threatening event: call 112

For major emergencies : you must seek care at a pediatric emergency room, such as  in Saint-Pierre's Hospital, Hôpital des Enfants Reine Fabiola, Sainte-Elisabeth Hospital, Erasme Hospital or St Luc Hospital

During weekends or bank holidays: your child may be seen by a fellow pediatrician. More information here

Vaccinations for children up to 6 years old: ONE can take in charge the vaccines of your child while I am away. Please note that it is important to stick as best as possible to the vaccination schedule for children less than 18 months old. After this age, vaccines are rarely urgent. For booster shots of vaccines which aren't included in the Belgian vaccination calender (meningitis, chicken pox, hepatitis etc...) but where initiated with me at my office, you could contact your general practicionner, or bring your child to a pediatric consultation in hospitals (see bellow for addresses). In case of a trip to a tropical area, contact the Travel Clinics of university hospitals. 

In case of illness or any other problem which cannot wait : Your familly doctor can always treat common illnesses.  Your child can also be seen at the pediatric consultations of several hospitals. These services can schedule an appointment (generally with little or no waiting time) and therefore with a specific day and time, and no time spent in a waiting room.

Here are the different places you can schedule an appointment:

Saint-Pierre Hospital: by phone at 02.535.43.30 or online .

Hôpital des Enfants Reine Fabiola (HUDERF): by phone at 02.477.31.20 or 02.477.31.21 or online .

Sainte-Elisabeth Hospital: Only by phone at 02.614.27.53 .

Hôpital St Luc: by phone at 02.764.19.20

Hôpital Erasme: by phone at 02.555.37.86 or by e-mail

To schedule an appointment, I kindly ask you contact me when I return.

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